A Website about the Tao and about God

Thou shalt have no other gods before me....but what of something that isn't a God?


Can I not have great respect for king Arthur and still be in awe of Camelot?


King Arthur was not in competition with Camelot, they worked in concert to prove what greatness is. God created the heavens and the earth from the Tao, just as the Tao can be considered the Mother of all that is, it is nurturing, and flows ever so naturally, God surely is the father and everything that can be perceived is their children, The Tao and God do not contend with each other, they are part of the whole, cause and effect, is the result of their children's actions when they create an imbalance.


Love and Humility are the great balancer's, the Tao (the Way) considered the natural order of the universe is the ultimate of the subtle, it does not judge, it is the effect to our cause, it will always seek balance and God is the tester to see if we can be worthy.

The Tao meets God

Tao meets God

Tao is God?....


Are you for real?   The Tao may not be God, but "The Way" is a path that God Follows, it is the perfect example to follow that God has presented to all Humanity, there are those that follow the Way but do not believe in God.


And there are those that believe in God but do not realize that they are following the way.


God is only the guide to show the path along the way, to instruct life to keep the cosmic balance.


The Tao is God's instrument to orchestrate life successfully through cause and effect, I thank God for helping me navigate my journey to the way.